Do you sell the Apple Watch gold Plated?

Yes, we do. You can find more information on the prices and availability here. We found a significant amount of time can be saved by offering a new Apple watch that is already gold plated. All of the original packaging and hardware are included. We are keeping the prices at a reasonable level. For us, selling the watches is not our core business, gold plating is.

What happens after I order the gold plating service?

The process is easy. Once you make your order you will be sent a shipping label. Attach the shipping label to the original packaging your stainless steel watch came in. Only the watch please, the charger and extra band are not needed. You can schedule FedEx to come pick up your watch or you can drop it off at any FedEx retail center. Once we receive your watch it will be expertly plated by our laboratory. There is over 50 years experience in the lab exclusively in gold plating. The technicians have worked with NASA, government agencies, educational institutions as well as the general public for the last 25 years. Your watch is in good hands. It usually takes about 2-3 days to ship the watch back to you.

Why should I choose your service over other services?

This is a good question. Simply put, the quality is exceptional. As mentioned above the laboratory technicians have professional equipment with decades of experience. You will see many other services offering gold plating, but very few of them offer a 3 micron certification. 3 microns is a very thick coat of gold. To give you an idea, most gold plated jewelry is coated to 1-1.5 microns. 3 microns is the highest you will find.

Why don't you offer Rose Gold plating?

We intentionally do not offer Rose gold plating. Generally speaking, plating Rose colored gold does not yield the best results. Due to this, we decided not to offer the best results. If you do choose this process at another laboratory then be careful.

Why don't you offer 14 karat and 18 karat gold plating? Why do you just offer 24 karat plating.

We decided to offer just the 24 karat gold plating instead of 18 karat and 14 karat. We have found that scratch resistance is the same. Our team feels that the 24 karat gold plating has a nicer appearance as well. It is also our opinion that our 3 micron gold plating with 24 karat gold is the highest quality plating possible.